Write beautifully in WordPress

Meet Iceberg

Iceberg is a beautiful, flexible writing editor for crafting posts with the WordPress block editor.

Iceberg allows you to write within the WordPress block editor in a way that feels much more natural than working with “blocks”. Our goal is not to remove blocks, but rather to deemphasize them – and any non-essential elements within the editor – to promote a focus on writing.

A beautiful editor is only part of the story – make it yours with editor themes

Iceberg has the power of WordPress

Iceberg is a natural byproduct of streamlined design and elegant implementation for WordPress.

Write beautifully in WordPress with the Iceberg editor.

with the simplicity of writing apps

You still have access everything, but when you don't you can enjoy an elegant writing experience.

Iceberg is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting articles.

making for a delightful experience.

Its almost like a simple airplane mode for WordPress.

Once you flip that switch all the noise goes away and you can focus on your writing.

With Iceberg, you get the power of WordPress with the simplicity of a writing application

Editor themes

Choose from three flavors of beautiful, customizable themes that change the look and feel of Iceberg – or pick your own colors.


Use sophisticated formatting for your prose with an editor that lets you do everything – and then some – with an array of markdown & shortcuts.

Writing options

Turn off UI, set indented paragraphs, display heading indicators, employ a table of contents, choose typographic settings – make Iceberg yours.

Make your editor look and feel its best for your writing needs

Meet Iceberg

Iceberg is a beautiful, flexible writing editor for crafting posts and pages with the WordPress block editor.

With Iceberg, you get what you need to write beautifully in WordPress, along with many delightful extras you’d never expect — like markdown support, customizable editor themes, shortcuts, emoji support, and more.

Write beautifully in WordPress

What if writing in WordPress was just as delightful - and productive - as working with your favorite writing application?